Testimonial about the connections you have made


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Share a testimonial about the friendships you have made within the community.
In the testimonial, tell me about that gaming buddy you met, the support you've received from the people on Gaminglatest, or the unforgettable moments you've shared.Anything that has to do with the people on this forum. What they mean to you, ex.
This will be used for part of an upcoming instagram post and future marketing materials.
Thanks in advance.
Should be lots of stories for this!
Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith and Tiger Tiger21820 Tiger21820 and Revolved101 Revolved101 giving me special forum sections here and on discord for me and other members to post Final Fantasy 7 Tifa stuff is one of the best moments here for me! Many Thanks guys :) Oh and the Tifa emoji ! :tifa:
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Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith , fellow Iowan, good buddy, and valuable partner to Nintendo 3DS Central! cm2 cm2, a silly dude who taught me about the concept of PLOT, which apparently he invented! CM30 CM30 aka Cheat_Master30, though he no longer posts in this community, he gets a special mention for being the Administrator of my first (and sadly, dead) long term forum, from DS Ultimate, to Nintendo 3DS Community, to Talk Nintendo, to Gaming Reinvented (Currently a Discord server and video game news reporting site), and finally to Gaming Latest! Never in my 15+ years of being on forums would I ever imagine becoming an Administrator and a partner to my favorite community! I vow to keep my partnership with Gaming Latest until I drop dead, or my forum drops dead! If I somehow should decide to give up on Nintendo 3DS Central (which I don't plan on doing), I will hopefully be able to transfer ownership of Nintendo 3DS Central to Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith ! Which reminds me: I might want to send my webhost and domain credentials to him, should I actually pass away (let's hope not!)! If I were to suddenly die and no one else having access to Nintendo 3DS Central's hosting, domain, and database, then the website died with me, since there would be no way to renew it, and it would just expire! We'll need to discuss that in an Administration meeting for Nintendo 3DS Central someday!
Thanks for all the responses. I need another response from someone.