Tim Cook says Apple won't combine a MacBook and iPad


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Cook doesn't think a combined MacBook and iPad is what consumers actually want. "We feel strongly that customers are not really looking for a converged Mac and iPad," explains Cook. "Because what that would wind up doing, or what we're worried would happen, is that neither experience would be as good as the customer wants. So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You'd begin to compromise in different ways."

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I think Tim Cook does have a point that users don't want a 2-in-1 device since they are not as good as standalone devices in most cases.

Plus, having OS X and iOS on one hard drive will probably use more storage space, and also make a computer slower because the OS needs to work harder running both iOS and OS X programs at the same time.
I'm pretty sure their customers don't want over priced tech and yet they do that.
I'm pretty sure their customers don't want over priced tech and yet they do that.

I agree Apple customers don't want to pay high prices. But, sometimes there are not as many good alternatives because users need to use an App, Game, or Program which is only available for iOS or OS X, so they need to buy an iPad, and Mac. There are still some mobile games which are iOS-only, so if you want to play that particular game you would need an iPad/iPhone.

I think more people would rather have a faster tablet , and desktop/laptop instead of a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet because switching between the touchscreen, and desktop user interface can be kind of slow and annoying in my experience in Windows 8.
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