TP-Link router maker to launch a smartphone


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TP-Link is a company that produces wireless routers and other networking products and PC accessories, but in early 2016 the company plans to launch something different: a smartphone.

TP-Link has announced plans to enter the mobile space by launching the Neffos line of smartphones in February.

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I wonder would TP-Link smartphone will have long wi-fi range, and an external antennae like some of their wi-fi routers.
by TP-link, do you mean linksys?
by TP-link, do you mean linksys?

No, TP-Link is a Chinese Router and Networking device maker. Linksys is not owned by TP-Link, Linksys owned by Belkin when Cisco sold Linksys to Belkin a few years ago.

The 1st Google wireless Router is made by TP-Link.
I've never really heard of the brand.

Same for me, I never heard of the brand.

I just know that their wireless routers are the best selling routers on Amazon's bestseller section of their website for Routers at

Their routers are also more affordable than other bigger brands like Belkin, Netgear, and D-link, and allows you to load custom firmware like DD-WRT onto the router.
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I rather pay an extra amount to ensure I get the best wifi.

Paying more money for a router does not always mean you get the best wifi. Sometimes slightly cheaper routers outperform more expensive routers, and come with better software/firmware. Some routers also allow you to load DD-WRT custom firmware which is one of the best custom firmware for routers.

With the slower average internet speeds in Canada, and some parts of the US without Google Fiber, Comcast 1Gbps Cable internet, etc, users would not see much or any speed increase by upgrading to a faster wireless router with a maximum speed of 1300Mbps or faster speeds. If you live in a small house or apartment, the long wifi range is not useful because you would never use your Wi-Fi signal very far away from your router.

A lot of people on slower internet service like 10 mbps, and live in an average size home would be fine with the $20 TP-LINK TL-WR841N Wireless N300 Home Router which has pretty good reviews.

TP-Link also makes a $90 Archer C7 802.11AC router which is the best wireless router for most people according to , and it has a lot of good reviews on Amazon, and is Amazon's best selling router. It would be good for people who have faster internet service, and live in bigger homes.

You've never heard of TP-Link? Wow! It's probably the most popular brand of routers in Eastern-Europe. Basically, most ISPs here offer their clients free TP-Link routers.

I think TP-Link is the most popular alternative router brand in North America for buyers who don't want a D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Linksys, and ASUS router. TP-Links prices are also very competitive with other router brands, and cost about the same, or slightly less.