Twitch Launching DJ program


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Twitch is launching a new Dj program and it’ll be available sometime this Summer.

Today we’re announcing a dedicated program that will enable DJs to stream the vast majority of popular music in a new DJ Category. This is made possible by a first-of-its-kind partnership with hundreds of companies, including all of the major labels–Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music and a large number of independent labels and other rights holders represented by Merlin. We’re proud to be the first major service to provide a safe, long-term home for DJs to livestream, and we are excited to now be able to promote and support these creators as they build communities on our service and beyond.

This program is only applicable to those who live-stream as DJs, and does not apply to other uses of music. DJs will need to opt-in to a new agreement that will apply to all streaming on their channel. For those who only stream DJ content part-time, we recommend creating a second standalone channel dedicated to DJ live-streaming.

Source: Introducing the Twitch DJ Program
Do the exact opposite thing of what I want changed on Twitch. DCMA is just too easy for small streamers that they will immediately be afraid of doing it because they know they won't be helped.
Twitch DJ program might be a good way for DJs to get more fans from Twitch.
Twitch finally catching up to every other live streaming competitor who had DJs on it, but that's because smaller streaming sites had less red tape to go through. Twitch gets hit with the DMCA strikes, because they were the biggest, so they had to make a whole program specifically dedicated to it.
It's a positive move forward... And creating a second channel for DJing shouldn't be a big problem... I use my existing channel for DJing anyway, if I use it for gaming it would be a one-off.