Two of every five U.S. households, and mostly poor have only cell phones

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    As one might expect, young adults are the most likely to be living the wireless-only lifestyle. Nearly two-thirds (65.7%) of 25- to 29-year-olds, 59.7% of 30- to 34-year-olds, and 53% of 18- to 24-year-olds live in wireless-only households, according to the center. However, those percentages are little changed — and in some cases even below — those recorded in the first half of 2013.
    A majority (56.2%) of poor households have no landline service, the only economic group for which that’s true. Hispanics were the racial/ethnic group that was most likely to be wireless-only — 53.1% lived in households with no landline phone.
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    I think going cell phone only does not really save a lot of money or any money for the average family since you end up needing a better cell phone plan with more voice minutes, data, and text limit for each individual family member.
    Home landline service is also $10 a month  in a lot of places which is pretty affordable. There are also Internet Voice over internet plans which cost dollars a month, or less if you just register your own phone number, and setup your own software for making internet calls with a computer.
    I remember when cell phones just came out, and they were considered luxury items.
    I wonder could cell phones be one of the reasons making the 56.2% of households poor because good cell phone service can cost $100-200+ dollars a month, and expensive overage fees for using too much data, going over your minutes, and texting too much can end up costing people lots of money. There are also paid texting services which send jokes by text, and charge people many dollars for texts of jokes.
    If you buy a cell phone for your wife, husband, yourself, and children, and also pay for the monthly fees, you probably end up spending thousands of dollars a year on cell phone plans, new cell phones, and accessories like cell phone cases, extra batteries, external speakers, apps, and games.
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    Odd, I remember something like this on the news but I thought it was about land lines not cell phones.
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    Well, it's not possible for every household to maintain expensive stuff.
    Well, not to mention that most of the cheap phones got too many features these days.
    Somehow, I am not surprised.
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    The cheap home phones don't have many features, and there is just a numberpad on the base of the phone.

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