Would you go on a game show?


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And provided you were selected, which game show would you go on? I'd like to go on the Price is Right to play Plinko, as that's my favorite game on that show lol. Also Wheel of Fortune, I feel like it's easy money to be won on that show.
I would love to go on the Price is Right, but only if Bob Barker was still the host. I quit watching the show once Drew Carrey took over.
Let's Make a Deal so I can meet the voice actor for Sparx in The Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night.
I may go on a gameshow if I am a huge fan of the host of the game show, or I am a fan of the other contestants.
I have never been on one nor do I care to. I personally don’t even like my picture being taken so I would pass at this opportunity. Plus, while I may know some of the answers, I’d be too camera shy to be able to formulate the words. However, if I did have to choose, I have liked Wheel of Fortune. Being able to see the letters up there for me to read them versus just hearing them would help me tremendously.