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    Would you sit in the chair of death?

    Eh why not? It's only a chair, and the scientific evidence says there's no such thing as ghosts or curses. Nothing would happen anyway.
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    Other Gamestop Closing Stores

    Honestly, I don't have much faith in Gamestop overall. Retail isn't doing so well where video games (and other forms of entertainment) are concerned, and things like digital distribution and ecommerce are just going to take more and more of the market going forward. Add to this Gamestop's...
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    Is the internet making more people earn some money per month?

    Jeez, there are quite a few double negatives there. Had to reread the title a few titles to even understand what you meant. Regardless, yeah I definitely do think the internet is helping more people earn money. It's been especially useful for artists and creators in third world regions, since...
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    Hello New Admin/Manager here

    Welcome to Gaming Latest. You had much experience running forums before? Regardless, I too look forward to working with you.
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    Nintendo All OST being removed from youtube

    Well, this sucks. Especially given Nintendo doesn't seem to like selling their soundtracks in shops or on streaming services. Still, I guess if you need a stopgap, the music section on Kingdom Hearts Insider seems to be surviving okay for now:
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    Multi Switch, PS4, Xbox One Three Kinds of Doomed

    Yeah, which I'm glad to hear. Not 100% sure I believe them when they say it was unintentional, but nice to know it's being changed regardless.
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    Multi Switch, PS4, Xbox One Three Kinds of Doomed

    You apparently have to log in to a Bethesda account to play the original Doom, which has led to quite a few memes cropping up.
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    Gaming Reinvented Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon Coming to Pokemon GO

    Given Pokemon Home hasn't officially launched yet, and is planned to be their replacement for Pokemon Bank, that's unlikely.
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    Gaming Reinvented Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon Coming to Pokemon GO

    Well, if you mean transferrable to Pokemon Home or what not, then I'm guessing the answer is yes. It does support Pokemon GO, so theoretically these Shadow Pokemon and stuff like Armoured Mewtwo should be transferrable to the main series.
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    Nintendo Nintendo Switch Lite Announced

    Well, it's good for kids and people who prefer handheld consoles, but like everyone else I'm sticking with the standard Switch. The ability to switch from TV to handheld play and back again is one of the big selling points for the console in general, so to see that gone in this version just...
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    Wario Land 3: The Master Quest!

    Saw this on Wario Forums, nice to see it posted here too. Maybe I'll try it at some point, probably after the dozens of SMW mods I downloaded during C3 this year.
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    Do you post regularly in other message boards, and have any standards for posts?

    I mostly just post here, on Wario Forums and the Admin Zone nowadays. Other than that? Usually non forum sites, like Reddit, Hacker News or Discord.
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    RIP Etika (Nintendo YouTuber)

    Not sure if anyone here used to watch his videos on things like Nintendo Directs and E3 presentations, but it seems he's been found dead after going missing for five days: Seems he was having a...
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    Mario Royale is an Unofficial Mod that Brings 75-Player Battle Royale to Super Mario

    Yeah, it's already been mentioned here. Also got DMCAed already:
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    Yeah right Staples

    Seems like the usual strategies these companies are using to try and stay relevant. Reinventing themselves as 'destinations' rather than just shops (hence the coffee shops and booths).