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    Aww they are so cute! I love that they teach this... maybe this is for kids :D
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    Maybe all the DC characters xD

    Maybe all the DC characters xD
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    Does anyone know One Ok Rock?

    I'm liking their music after I heard about them in of the concerts I have watched. They were really awesome performers and I would like to meet them someday. My favorite song from them is "Jibun Rock" :hearteyecat: Their songs reminded me of anime rock ost... so loving it.
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    Do you prefer digital copy or physical copy of the game?

    I would like to have the digital copy because I remember when I used to buy the physical ones, my brother will hide them but if it's digital, I'm the only one who can access it.
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    Superman, got nothing on me.

    Superman, got nothing on me.
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    The Little Mermaid Live Action

    Have you guys heard the news about Little Mermaid finally getting a live-action movie? well, I could say that everyone's response is 50/50 just because of the leaked news that they cast a Black woman named "Halle Bailey" to be Ariel. I still don't know if this is true or not but I assumed it...
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    My heart is fluttering

    How are you doing right now? I hope you are getting some rest...
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    Post the funniest video you have ever seen in your entire life

    The funny skit I saw yesterday.
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    What anime is your least favorite?

    I understand and there's a lot of inside jokes that I don't find that funny. I agree! I also don't like animes that's almost like a porn...
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    I'm having a hard time with my pets... both are sick

    I'm having a hard time with my pets... both are sick
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    What anime is your least favorite?

    Of course, we have our favorites but how about the anime we dislike? What is/are those anime and why? Here is mine: Is this a zombie? They have good concept but I don't really like how it was executed in the anime. Well, that's my opinion!
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    I just discovered a new band

    That's cool! Thanks for this one :D
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    Other WCG Cosplay Event

    They all look beautiful! so I would say they will all be the winner :D
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    Cosplay Music Festival?

    Jeffrey like "The Jeffrey Sutorius" will be there?