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    Devil May Cry 5 Dante's Bloody Palace White Knight Mod Full Walkthrough

    Finally finished Bloody Palace with Dante and i must say he is easy mode! Replace Dante's original coat with pure white one, making him more divine white! Also Sin Devil Trigger White / Yellow has be used. Mod can be downloaded here: White Knight: Dante the White Knight Sin Devil Trigger...
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    Devil May Cry 5 White Knight Mod for Dante

    Replaced original coat with the White stylish one, looks badass!
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    Resident Evil 2

    Chris meets Nemesis in Resident Evil 2, for myself so many mods makes you even more to play this game :D
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    Resident Evil 2

    Mr.X is getting popular with these mods :D
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    Resident Evil 2

    Beating the game on hardcore is fun, but after that it is more fun to test Leon's new toy! :D
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    Resident Evil 2

    Not sure if the title is created in the forums, so i creating one here. If there is remove it :D
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    Persona 5

    Time consuming, yeeeees, especially when i played it for the first time i though it will be over in 2 hours (70hours later) :D
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    PC/Mobile Resident Evil 2 Remake

    My copy arrived and going for the stream tonight trying to beat the game, HYPEEE!!!
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    Whos is ready for RE2RE?

    Myself i am, and during my free time i trying to beat the time in RE4. When you playing this game 12 years after and then you see 12hours total gameplay, i was like what? :D So my personal best is now 2:20. Also for the video here
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    Blade & Soul Circle of Sundering Master Hong Full Fight

    The latest patch release in B&S added a new boss Master Hong, so far this was the best and hardest solo boss to learn (150 times tries :D)
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    Devil May Cry HD collection arrived on PC

    Aaaa finally in 60fps HD res and kick ass dante! This game never gets old, and had a untouchable moment in this mission! :D
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    Ion Maiden old school shotter

    Yep something like that, but 3D realms is finally getting a new kick ass babe!
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    Ion Maiden old school shotter

    As i saw recently after bombshell deluxe edition and this completly new game that goes back to the Duke Nukem 3D old school shotter edition, i must say i completly love it, so made a gameplay from the preview version.
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    Blade & Soul The Arrival short video cinematic

    From the BnS game i was getting creative and tryed to do some short cinematic video. yet results where great and will trying to continue the story.
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    MGS5 FOB: Infiltration Lv. 74 R&D Platform

    It seems lots of people hitting lvl 74 FOB, good for a challenge! :D