1. Shortie

    What game would you say has the most difficult AI?

    Most games nowadays have AI whether it be AI lobbies on multiplayer games or just AI in general in the story of the game. Whilst in some games the AI seems pretty easy to tackle and take down, you do get some games where no matter what difficulty you are on, you will have an issue taking to the...
  2. froggyboy604

    AI-Generated Artwork Is A MAJOR Problem... To Some

    I feel Artificial Intelligent generated art should have its own AI art competition to see which AI creates art which the most people voted for. Hopefully, AI generated art does not cause more artist to be unemployed because most people are fine with free AI generated art which got created from...
  3. froggyboy604

    Schools Are Using AI to Check Students' Social Networks for Warning Signs of Violence

    In the hopes of deterring violence, schools are turning to big data analytics to examine social media posts for the earliest signs of violence—depression, resentment, and isolation. Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in Massachusetts has turned to Social Sentinel, a data analytics company...
  4. Demon_Skeith

    Don't Test AIs on the Internet

    This week Microsoft created two AIs and tied them to twitter, making it able to talk to anyone who tweeted at the AI Tay or the Japanese version Rinna. While Rinna remained cool and otakuish, Tay quickly became racist and saying things that is socially suicidal. You can find examples in the...