1. PlayerAuctions

    The BlizzCon 2018 Trifecta - Diablo Immortal, WoW Classic, and Warcraft 3 Reforged

    The recently concluded BlizzCon 2018 event brought us a slew of announcements ranging from the welcome announcement of Warcraft III reforged, to an intrigued reaction for WoW Classic, and to finally some mixed reception for Diablo Immortal (which is now rumored to come for the Nintendo Switch)...
  2. Jerrar

    Blizzard Is Having DDoS Attacks

    Blizzard is once again facing DDoS attacks which is currently affecting all of its game servers and as a result, no one is able to play any of their games let alone Overwatch. This time around, the DDoS attack started off with creating login issues for Blizzard players. This is something that...
  3. ralphfaith

    Overwatch - Versions of Pachimari being issued worldwide

    I've seen this Pachimari in the map, lying and being fired. But is there any hacked version of Pachimari as well named as Sombrachimari, hacked by Sombra? I've read this in an article.