1. B

    What to do if your game gets hacked!!

    I've been thinking, our gamer console could easily be a good target for these cyber hackers to come at us. It could be our smart devices at home as well and it got me thinking, I'm also worried for my kids and loved ones too while i'm away. I came across a DIY article that can help solve this...
  2. froggyboy604

    Microsoft patches Windows XP to stop foreign hack attacks

    Last month, Microsoft took what it called the "highly unusual" step of patching older Windows versions like XP against the WannaCrypt ransomware virus. It's doing the same in June to protect against attacks that are potentially even more sinister. "This month, some vulnerabilities were...
  3. froggyboy604

    Hackers Built a Weapon to Trigger Blackouts—and It Could Work Anywhere

    The seemingly local cyberattack that cut power to part of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, last December could have been a test run. And security researchers now say the malware believed to have caused the blackout is actually modular, mostly automated, and highly adaptable. That means it doesn’t just...