1. Jerrar

    Fortnite Lagging

    As with most online games, even in Fortnite LAG is a naturally occuring phenomenon that plagues all gamers. But lag is not always due to network issues, sometimes lag has to do with the hardware of your rig and/or the software. So before you can solve Fortnite lag, you need to diagnose whats...
  2. Jerrar

    Having Lag in World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

    Even since the beta, Battle for Azeroth has been plagued with lag and related issues. It wasn't an issue for everybody, but for those of us who had the problem it was a nightmare. But it was a beta and problems are to be expected. Now that the game has finally released, sadly, the lag issues...
  3. Jerrar

    Multi Can The ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign Bring It Back To Limelight?

    After the community outcry all over the internet where players demanded fixes for PUBG, the PUBG Corporation is starting an initiative of their own named “Fix PUBG”. The campaign is supposed to focus on destroying bugs and provide the much needed quality-of-life features and take the game to...
  4. Demon_Skeith

    Multi The Division is Day One Broken

    It's just how games are released these days.