1. R

    Best Localized Game of 2019?

    Good day everyone, My name is Ronnnie Avelino and I would love the Gaming Latest community to participate in our Day Awards. We're going to celebrate the Best Localized Game, and we want the Gaming Latest users to nominate the foreign game that you think has been adapted the best to the...
  2. HanaSong

    Story Chain

    My friends and I always do this. One person starts the story and the rest continue the story and try to make the most epic continuous story ever. There's only one rule: "Don't let the story end!" Game? I'll start. Once there was a little girl and her name was Yana.
  3. Monika

    Multi Anyone playing Overkill's Walking Dead?

    I watched this game's trailer last year and I haven't heard a news from them until I googled it... so I found out this game has already been released. I want to buy or to have the game because I think the graphics is cool but somehow I'm having a debate in my mind because I saw a lot of comments...
  4. Itskyle23

    Multi Just some Random weird games?

    Guys, there is nothing I love more than games that are weird and random. Can you suggest me some or name some right off the bat? Preferably with 16 bit graphics? Games like: Kid Pix 1 Action 52 Toe Jam and Earl Cyberdillo Zombies ate my neighboors. LSD Warioware *cough* My first Big CD...
  5. Itskyle23

    Mobile games on eSports? really?

    Mobile games has been a hit in Asia, A big example of the top hit mobile game is "Clash Royale". Maybe because of the developers but when Supercell makes a game, the world takes notice and they have been a part of eSports game titles since 2016. Is Clash Royale, a card-collecting real-time...
  6. Monika

    PC/Mobile New Zombie Game??

    I present to all of you Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital ♥♥♥ Now this game is new in the market, but it’s already really good! I’ve been playing this for 2 weeks straight now and it made me hook for more. I thought this would be like any zombie game BUT this game is unique and hard, like...
  7. RadiantMin3

    Check Out My New Gaming Chanel

    RadiantMin3 Date channel started: 28th March 2019 Type of content: Minecraft, Ark, Tutorials And Survival Age rating: Children / Teen Channel description: Gaming, Tutorials, Game Tops 10s And More Link to channel: removed Featured video: removed
  8. F

    PC/Mobile Fleazer Trailer

  9. H

    PlayStation Fallout 76 Will Live Stream For Their Fans This Week

    We all know that communication is vital to any healthy relationship. And I get a lot of news from the internet. said that since the release of Fallout 76 on November 14, 2018, the relationship between Bethesda and their fans has been more and more unsteady. That's very unfortunate. For the game...
  10. froggyboy604

    Would you learn a foreign language to use software or game with non-English labels and buttons?

    It is unlikely I will learn a foreign language like French, Japanese, and Spanish to use software or game which does not have English labeled buttons. But, I maybe motivated to learn a foreign language to use software or games without a English version if the software and game is great, or fun...
  11. PlayerAuctions

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Black Desert Online [✨✨GIVEAWAY ✨✨]

    Happy Thanks Giving everyone! PlayerAuctions Black Desert Online Giveaway Time for a chance to get 1 of 5X$30 Black Desert Online coupons. To enter the giveaway... Head over here: Black Desert Online Giveaway | Silver/Accounts/Items/Power Leveling
  12. Itskyle23


    Anyone playing "Twelve Sky 2" here? this is a good news for us lol, When they open the server later at 3pm gmt+8 we will have this following rewards Pre-register rewards - Clothes Pack 30 days / 1 EA - Auto Hunt Scroll (7Days) / 1 EA Pre-Register Milestone - EXP Booster(L) / 5 EA - Auto Buff...
  13. PlayerAuctions

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Our preview thoughts

    Hey guys, we're already on October and this means there's only a few more weeks until Red Dead Redemption 2 launches! We wrote our preview thoughts in our latest article: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay: Service, Selfies and Horse-Drifting? Horse drifting, Mexican standoffs, bandits and outlaws...
  14. Itskyle23

    PC/Mobile MMORPG 2018

    So im a player of Twelvesky eversince i quit playing MU and RanOnline(which is an mmorpg too) and now this f*cking game takes too long to release their official game. Just look at the hyped players there ranting their post on FB. Well, ARGH! nevermind. Im just sharing this to release what i...
  15. T

    PC/Mobile After a couple months, i finally put together the Mini arcade machine

    After a couple months, i finally put together the Mini arcade machine • r/pics
  16. T

    PC/Mobile This “Lost pet” poster is asking for players for a game

    This “Lost pet” poster is asking for players for a game This “Lost pet” poster is asking for players for a game : mildlyinteresting
  17. T

    PC/Mobile Not sure where to put this, but here is the demo link to "It Came From The Closet":

    The official version is released! - It Came From The Closet (Jam Version) by BlastocyteLabs
  18. T

    PC/Mobile Another "It Came From The Closet" Review

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  19. T

    PC/Mobile so this is how they get those crazy highscores

    <blockquote class="reddit-card" data-card-created="1533313581"><a href="r/gaming - so this is how they get those crazy highscores">so this is how they get those crazy highscores</a> from <a href="r/gaming">r/gaming</a></blockquote> <script async src="//"...