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    Lol Come watch Awedecai!! (Games)

    HI, GUYS! A lot of you have seen my Gaming Channel already but I have a particularly funny GAMEPLAY to share with everybody! "Hi, guys, it's Awedecai and, we're playing Explorers of Sky and this is a favourite game o'mine, I'm not telling any porky pies! Whaat?!" Hahaha, I had such a blast...
  2. NintendoChannel

    Awkward. Sings a lot. Pro-Commentary [Gaming Channel]

    SO... :rolleyes: Dude, I hope anyone reading this is open to a new 19 subscriber rising sensation that is me: Baby-born fresh to gaming, tries to be professional. And laughs way too much. Because that's me! I'm a dude from England who has grown up playing Sonic, Pokemon and more recently, I...