1. OPG609

    Multi Project E - Official Cinematic Trailer (An Upcoming MMO RPG Game)

  2. PlayerAuctions

    City of Titans Review - A first look by PlayerAuctions

    Back in December, we had a preview article for the superhero MMO Ship of Heroes which had plenty of potential; It was posted here: Hop Aboard the Ship of Heroes | Upcoming | PC Game Fast forward forward to February, we are treated to the announcement of a new superhero MMO in the form of City...
  3. PlayerAuctions

    Explore and conquer planets in Population Zero - Our sneak peek

    Population Zero has us hooked the moment we found out the game is going to be a survival MMO centered around sci-fi themes and settings. But more than that, Population Zero is also a narrative experience for the adventurous at heart. Read about our preview thoughts of the game here: Explore the...
  4. PlayerAuctions

    Ship of Heroes - An MMO of Epic Proportions!

    Superhero MMOs are few and far between, so imagine our surprise when we found out about a potential successor to DC Universe Online or maybe even City of Heroes! Enter Ship of Heroes, an MMO of epic proportions! Build your own superhero by defining his/her powers, and get to pick a job that...
  5. PlayerAuctions

    Temtem - A monster hunting and collecting MMO!

    I wanted to start this post by asking if there are any Pokemon fans out there - but that would be a disservice to Temtem, an upcoming monster hunting and collecting MMO. Players will have to hunt for monsters and tame them. There is a story mode and a co-op mode, as well as a ranked PVP system...
  6. PlayerAuctions

    Our preview thoughts for Saga of Lucimia

    Saga of Lucimia is one of the more interesting MMOs we've come across recently. It harkens back to the old formula of MMOs where there is no defined formula for the game mechanics. Characters are classless, NPCs are scattered across, and venturing outside of safe havens can be dangerous --- so...
  7. PlayerAuctions

    An MMO about Life & Death - Chronicles of Elyria (Our Preview Thoughts)

    We recently came across Chronicles of Elyria and its mysterious twist and mechanic - your character eventually dies, and by using a Spark of Life, you are able to be born again in a different character whilst retaining all your learnings, growth, and stats. And if you die, you lose 2 days of...
  8. PlayerAuctions

    Spellbreak - A battle royale for magicians!

    Spellbreak is a fresh and exciting new take on the battle royale formula. Instead of FPS/third person shooting mechanics, Spellbreak casts you as a magician with 2 gauntlets --- each gauntlet embedded with a unique element. Gameplay revolves around combining 2 elements, and moreover gauntlets...
  9. PlayerAuctions

    Mad World - Getting hyped for the HTML5 browser-based game!

    Hey guys, we're hyped to talk about Mad World in our latest "upcoming" blog article! Developed by Jandisoft from South Korea, Mad World is an HTML5 coded browser-based game. It promises to feature all the hallmarks of a standard MMO, with loot driven gameplay and a classless character system...
  10. Jerrar

    The Battle Of Kursk Is Coming To World Of Tanks This July

    During the World War II, two of the biggest armies of Europe, the Germans and the Soviet forces, battled it out on a tirelessly long collision which turned out to be a major turning point in Germany’s offensive on the Eastern front. To celebrate this event, Wargaming is bringing the Battle of...
  11. Kail11

    PC/Mobile Darkfall New Dawn JAN 2018 Launch [Reboot] [MMO]

    FREE TRIAL - Darkfall: New Dawn What is Darkfall: New Dawn? Darkfall: New Dawn (DND) is an FPS-MMORPG set in the high-fantasy, vast, un-instanced world of Agon. The Darkfall franchise was originally launched by Aventurine Studios (a totally different development team) in 2009, with Darkfall...
  12. arachnophobik

    At long last... I have found you.

    Hello guys, my name is Kyle and I'm a college student from Philippines! I'm mainly a PC gamer who loves MMOs, although I have played my fair share of consoles before, and I'm glad to be a part of this community :) I've tried and played a couple of MMOs, some from different platforms, but the...
  13. Demon_Skeith

    Multi Destiny 2

    Today was Destiny 2's big reveal day and there was lots of info coming down for consoles and PC alike. Besides the trailer above, here is some info tidbits. As a reminder, nothing major will be transferring over to Destiny 2 from Destiny 1. It’ll be out on September 8 for PS4, Xbox One and at...
  14. Demon_Skeith

    PC/Mobile World of Warcraft Legion Expansion

    Still playing WoW? Then you will like to know that its next expansion which is named Legion, will be coming out on August 30th 2016. Blizzard will be selling the expansion for $49.99 USD at retailers and on the company's digital store. To entice digital sales, anyone who pre-orders WoW Legion...
  15. Demon_Skeith

    Other GTA Offline Done Forever?

    So its being reported and discussed that GTA online has made at least, 500 million dollars and maybe even more. This is no doubt a large profit for the simple online gameplay which GTA V and online most likely costed about 300 million or so to make leaving Rockstar flowing in cash. With such a...