1. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo F-Zero 99

    Free with NSO today. Show me your moves!!!
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Nintendo Museum (Kyoto, Japan)

    Another way to enjoy modern art and history.
  3. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Wartales

    On PC and Switch.
  4. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Battle Crush

    "On Nintendo Switch, first for consoles." Free to play fun just like Fortnite.
  5. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Tomb Raider I-III Remaster Starring Lara Croft

    In beautiful CGI and low poly PLOT.
  6. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Another Code: Recollection

    This is the Wii and DS-era leak mention we got from Pyoro.
  7. Artisan Vistra

    Multi SPYxANYA: Operation Memories

    If you want a chill anime game why not?
  8. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

    Rhythm party game and pure harmless fun.
  9. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Horizon Chase 2

    A racing game that looks decent but nothing more or less.
  10. Shortie

    Will you be picking up the new Nintendo Switch when it is announced and released?

    It seems as though we are getting closer to an announcement for a new Nintendo Switch and it's looking very promising at the moment. If and when we do hear an announcement and also get a release date for a new Nintendo Switch console, will you be jumping on it right away as a purchase or will...
  11. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Rockstar Games worked on a Kirby game...

    And it was unreleased. Back then they were called DMA, around the era of the late SNES. From the creators of Lemmings.
  12. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    I wonder how much the artists will ruin an elephant.
  13. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Detective Pikachu Returns

    So most likely Mewtwo will as well.
  14. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Warioware: Move It! Announcement

    Wario spoofs while making the moves.
  15. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Super Mario RPG Remake

    They look like babies.
  16. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Princess Peach Game Teaser

    She has a DS game and now a Switch game.
  17. Shortie

    Do you think we will see a Nintendo Switch 2?

    Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles for Nintendo in a while. Prior to that, they had the Wii U and that was quite a flop and didn't become as popular as the Switch is now. With that being said, many people have been speculating as to whether we will see a Nintendo Switch 2...
  18. Shortie

    Do you prefer wired or wireless when it comes to gaming?

    No matter what kind of gaming you do whether it be on console or on PC, you will always find that you can either have wired peripherals or you can have wireless peripherals. It really depends on the kind of gamer you are and whether you like to be hooked up by wires or whether you prefer no...
  19. Shortie

    Have you played Pokemon Unite?

    Pokemon Unite was released in September 2021 and I remember when it was first released, I decided to give it a shot and try it out. I found the game really fun to play, I was quite shocked to see how well I played at ranked when I was able to play that too. It being a free game, it...
  20. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Pokemon Day (Poke-Monday) 2/27/2023

    There's some news regarding events. Mobile games are still getting updates. Suicune gets a Scarlet Form (Water/Dragon Tera: Water ) in Tera Raids and Virizion is getting a Violet Form (Grass/Psychic Tera: Psychic) starting now. POKEMONDAY is a code for Pokemon Unite. Pokemon RG (the Japanese...