1. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

    Will you leave yourself sleeping? Or stay awake to see how this game functions?
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Miyamoto Leaks On IMDB

    What we are getting: Star Fox 3D Open World Mario Legend of Zelda Luigi's Mansion 4 Donkey Kong and Mario Baseball Remakes
  3. Fall Guys #1

    Fall Guys #1

    First win in Fall Guys the other day. Not bad if I dont say so myself!
  4. Artisan Vistra

    Mario Movie 2 Predictions

    We saw how Mario Movie 1 took inspiration from the previous shows and games, and added some story around other games tangential to Mario. Seeing people predict Smash Bros. down the line would have me more excited for that than another Mario Movie. However, we know we will see a green dinosaur...
  5. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo UK Gamecube Trademark Filed

    Source This trademark implies Gamecube compatibility or NSO with the Switch 2 or Switch. We still have some speculating to do but surely with the titles in physical editions that are remakes of Gamecube titles, it would be safe to say it is possible for both.
  6. Artisan Vistra

    Mario Vs. Sonic

    Mario or Sonic. Who would win in a fight? Who is your favorite? Who has the best game or series? Why does every modern Sonic game have issues and bugs?
  7. Artisan Vistra

    Obscure Mario Games

    What are some obscure Mario-related games that you can think of? Which are the more rare and almost obsolete?
  8. Artisan Vistra

    Only 1 Mario Game

    If you could pick one Mario game to own or play or even share with a friend for the rest of your life, which one would you have? Super Mario Maker 2 stands out. You can play and make so many experiences that making the game and then beating it, all by yourself, takes all other options off the...
  9. Artisan Vistra

    Favorite Mario Content Creators

    Nathaniel Bandy, The Lonely Goomba, Antdude, Liam Triforce, Scott The Woz, and Game Theory, etc., etc... There's so much content out there. I'm sure there's enough of it to go around. Which ones are the best for you to relax and watch? I do like The Lonely Goomba because he reviews a lot of...
  10. Artisan Vistra

    What is Your Favorite Mario Game On The GBA?

    There are so many games to choose from. There are a few remakes, plenty of spin-offs, and a lot of competition. Personally, Superstar Saga is my favorite. Making platforming and fighting in a somewhat turn-based fashion is nice. The new characters make the game interesting, and the writing is...
  11. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo LEGO X Animal Crossing Announced

    No sets, but a bunch of Fabuland Minifigures.
  12. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo F-Zero 99

    Free with NSO today. Show me your moves!!!
  13. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Nintendo Museum (Kyoto, Japan)

    Another way to enjoy modern art and history.
  14. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Wartales

    On PC and Switch.
  15. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Battle Crush

    "On Nintendo Switch, first for consoles." Free to play fun just like Fortnite.
  16. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Tomb Raider I-III Remaster Starring Lara Croft

    In beautiful CGI and low poly PLOT.
  17. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Another Code: Recollection

    This is the Wii and DS-era leak mention we got from Pyoro.
  18. Artisan Vistra

    Multi SPYxANYA: Operation Memories

    If you want a chill anime game why not?
  19. Artisan Vistra

    Multi Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

    Rhythm party game and pure harmless fun.
  20. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Horizon Chase 2

    A racing game that looks decent but nothing more or less.