1. NintendoChannel

    Sonic Heroes Remake

    So apparently, there's a rumour going around that Sonic Heroes is getting a remake. I doubt it, personally. But if this is true, I'd be down! Sonic Heroes is fantastic and it's the only Sonic game with near perfect level design that blends both speed and platforming perfectly. ... Just a weak...
  2. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Switch Remake

    If you don't have a GBA then I feel bad for you and now I feel old.
  3. Demon_Skeith

    PS2 Ask Bandai Namco for Dot Hack IMOQ Remake

    A quartet of RPGs originally released on the PS2 (subtitled Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine) that served as an entry in the long-running .hack series. Playing as Kite, players were swept into a web of intrigue as they delved into the supernatural comings and goings of The World, a...
  4. Artisan Vistra

    Nintendo Super Mario RPG Remake

    They look like babies.
  5. BlueJackG

    BlueJackG's VG Remixes & Remakes

    Ok, I do this pretty much everywhere I go, I think people might like... This is my music thread, where I try to revive 8-bit music and other past games ost to a higher quality or reimagining them completely. My own remix and remake collection will be shared here! So, to start, here a playlist I...
  6. Demon_Skeith

    CD-i Zelda remade in 3D

    Based on the old Zelda CD-i video game. A game so bad it was..... really bad.
  7. Demon_Skeith

    PlayStation Final Fantasy 7 Remake big as Final Fantasy 13

    Thanks to Gameinformer, the episodic FF 7 remake has cleared up a tiny bit more. According to producer Yoshinori Kitase, he clarifies in saying: "It will essentially be a full scale game for each part of the multi-part series [...] if we're just looking at each of these parts, one part should be...