1. froggyboy604

    Introducing Amazon Astro – Household Robot for Home Monitoring, with Alexa

    I wonder if Amazon robot will have mods and accessories, so it can sweep the floor, vacuum carpet, or tow small objects like a cart of oranges.
  2. froggyboy604

    Taking a closer look at ASUS Zenbo Robot

    This looks like a nice robot for people who are disabled/handicapped, and can't use a remote, keyboard, mouse, or make phone calls on their own because of a disability.
  3. Demon_Skeith

    Nintendo Kirby: Planet Robobot

    Nintendo announced Kirby: Planet Robobot at their Direct today which is a new game for 3DS coming on June 10. Planet Robobot includes a new robot suit for Kirby, plus Team Kirby Clash, a four-player multiplayer mode where players can collect tablets to unlock team moves and supports Amiibos.
  4. froggyboy604

    Gatebox - Hologram Communication Robot

    This does look like a nice hologram communication robot.