1. Jerrar

    Multi Now You Can Get Custom Skins In Fortnite Battle Royale

    It seems there are a couple of custom skins already available in the game which Fortnite players might be able to use within the game. However, before you read on for the exact details of how players can do this, I would advise precaution. This is because, to apply these skins, players will have...
  2. Jerrar

    PC/Mobile Players Lose $1 Million Worth of PUBG Skins

    Over the past few days, we have seen quite a big crackdown over in-game PUBG skins. Valve was in the driving seat as it took down various websites who were famous for trading skins for CS:GO and Dota 2 and most recently PUBG. Valve has now turned its aim towards PUBG and most notably the item...
  3. Maklinkin

    Dropgun made the investigation to learn what are the most loved AK 47 items) presents the Research results "TOP 5 AK47 models" that was provided among users of the service!.. Our managers asked our visitors to answer what AK 47 skins they like TOP of all. We have interviewed near 20 000 users per follow-up form... The results of exploration unexpected. Fire...
  4. Demon_Skeith

    Choosing Different Skins aka Themes

    Here at Gaming Latest, I only want the best viewing experience possible for our loyal members and since everyone is different, people like some sites dark while others nice and bright. Being a person of dark themes (due to eye strain issues with staring at white backgrounds), I know full well...