Dropgun made the investigation to learn what are the most loved AK 47 items)


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dropgun.com presents the Research results "TOP 5 AK47 models" that was provided among users of the service!.. Our managers asked our visitors to answer what AK 47 skins they like TOP of all. We have interviewed near 20 000 users per follow-up form... The results of exploration unexpected.

Fire Serpent AK 47

AK Fire Serpent didn't take the first place but took the Third! Our team are sure the time of its popularity went away) Our managers noted that this Serpent is a Fire one due to the weapon! Either, this is one of mostly famous models at all...

AK 47 Wasteland Rebel

This skin took the First place in our analytsis and it is really cool)

The next skin has its inimitable style!

Vulcan AK47

AK47 gained Fourth position according to players votes. This is one of mostly popular but not very high cost models for AK47! This item has a style of sleeping volcano and attract users attention because it's AK and gamer awakens thisvolcano!..

Redline AK47

AK 47 Redline took the 2nd place in our survey... In spite of not high price many users want to have it in their inventory... It's like a real death art and looks very stylish:)

AK 47 Jet Set

And the 5th position took AK47 Jet Set!.. The top need of this AK47 is talking about its popularity!..

We think this item can gain greater popularity in future... The Jet Set has the decoration of great journeys)

Our team appreciate your participation. Each of those skins gamers can spin easy from cases on our web-service:)