usb flash drive

  1. froggyboy604

    Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive has a 2TB capacity

    Kingston Digital has taken the wraps off a new flash drive with a crazy high capacity, relatively speaking: 2TB. That’s despite its small 72mm x 26.9mm x 21mm size, making it an exceptionally small way to tote around a lot of data. According to Kingston, this capacity can accommodate up to 70...
  2. froggyboy604

    Envoy Pro mini SSD packs 480GB in thumb drive form factor

    OWC has unveiled a new and small form factor storage drive that is highly portable and crams a lot of storage space inside. The device is the Envoy Pro mini and inside its normal thumb drive form factor is a tiny SSD that has 480GB of storage space. With so much storage space on the small...