1. Arbie

    Anyone know where to find Directed by Robert B. Weide meme clips?

    Help anyone, if ever you know where to find a lot of this clips pls spare some laughs. I already tried FB and YT but can't find an exact page/channel sadly (as of now this one is all i have found funny with my research,)
  2. froggyboy604

    Audio, video, and computer cables from the Dollar Store any good?

    I have a DVD player, and Google TV Settop TV box which is using HDMI cables from the dollar store, and the HDMI cable is still working after using it for a long time. I also used S-video, coax, line-in audio, and USB cables from the dollar store, and they work at doing their job. I think as...
  3. froggyboy604

    Would it be Possible to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV without the TV Dock Accessory?

    I think the Nintendo Switch would most likely need the TV dock to connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV since Nintendo did not mention that there is a video port on the Switch's tablet like other non-Switch tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which has a HDMI port on the side of the tablet to...
  4. Charles Romey

    Do you often watch Gameplay videos?

    I see in our forum, people only chit-chat, and not many members here visit the Channel Index.
  5. froggyboy604

    Are you less likely to enjoy a online video if the people in the video don't wear shoes or socks?

    I don't really like watching videos where the people in the video are not wearing shoes, or socks because it feels weird seeing people's bare feet on a video displayed on my big monitor, TV, and smartphone and tablet which is close to my face. I notice some people don't take care of their toe...
  6. froggyboy604

    How important is it for you to have a Micro-HDMI video-out port on a tablet or Smartphone?

    I think having a micro-hdmi port is important for me on my smartphone and tablet since I enjoy watching video on a TV or PC monitor. I also don't like Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku because a Windows tablet/PC, or Google Android phone or tablet with a Micro-HDMI video port can be used to...
  7. Demon_Skeith

    Xbox Xbox Hackers Talk to Inside Gaming

    So IG got in touch with the hackers who have been knocking Xbox Live offline for the past week and got a few tidbits of info from them:
  8. froggyboy604

    Is a $150 Laptop Worth It? video

    Lenovo IdeaPad 100s This looks like a good cheap laptop for schools, and work places which only need a computer for doing office work like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, data-entry, and light web browsing. The design of the laptop looks pretty good for a cheaper laptop. In...
  9. lb

    Gaming at the cinema?

    Would you be interested to play video games on a really big screen?