5 Cool Xbox 360 Controllers

Which Controller Is Your Favorite?

  • 1 - Meow, Meow!

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  • 3 - BloodLust!

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  • 5 - Toxic Waste!

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but found this blog post online about custom xbox 360 controllers and thought it was worth sharing on this amazing gaming community.....

Answer the poll! ( make sure you look at the pictures Here)
Golden for me, but blood lust is a second.

and moved this to the xbox board.
Has to be the golden one. Would be better if the side wasn't transparent though
Golden is the winner, but I rather have golden syrup :p
These are so cool! I really like the Bloodlust and Toxic Waste ones. I've always wanted a custom controller but I've never seen anywhere that sells them. Does anyone know where you can buy them?
I was going to go with the toxic waste controller at first. It really is one of the cooler ones out of the 4 and would've been m first choice if I had not noticed that the sticks on the golden member were made to look like headstamped shell casings. Its basically got all the neon action and bravado that you could want in a controller.
I will have to go with the goldenmember one, even if the bloodlust looks extremely cool, I think that my attention completely goes into the red and blue lights down the controller and it also gives me Star Wars C-3PO vibes, what more can I ask on a controller?
The bling bling one looks fancy though!
That Gold member is glorious but for the sake of being different I'm going to choose the toxic waste design. Besides that gold member controller is going to end up in everyone's system. How else am I going to be able to tell the difference?