9,000 Memory Cards Smuggled


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If its one thing you don't do when going into China, its smuggling and the last thing you should be smuggling is 9,000 memory cards taped to your leg or bribing the boarder officials once caught.

Why smuggle them? The memory cards are worth HK$118,000 (US$15,194)which goods sold in Hong Kong are cheaper than in mainland China.

The article linked above also state that earlier in the day an elderly female was trying to smuggle in ten thousand memory cards.

Hate to be the guy who had to count them all.
It is kind of strange that Memory Cards cost less in Hong Kong than in China since most memory cards are made in China.

I guest, China might have very expensive sales tax where people have to pay a lot of taxes for buying stuff, so the government can use the taxes to pay the wages of government workers like Politicians, and Teachers.

I wonder if the woman has a receipt for the memory cards.

There could be a legal reason why the woman bought a lot of memory cards back to China. She might be a memory card collector, or needed a lot of Memory cards for using on her many mini-computers like the Raspberry Pi 2, so she can mine for bitcoin on thousands of Raspberry Pi computers.