A New PC case can dissipate up to 600W of thermal energy without fans


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read from tweaktown:

Streacom's new stylish-looking SG10 case has been designed for a fanless gaming system that can dissipate up to 600W of thermal energy. This means you could easily equip this with a decently high-end CPU and a GPU like the new GeForce RTX 4070 or RTX 4070 Ti. Think of it as a massive heatsink and PC case in one.

Streacom plans to showcase this passively-cooled no-fan chassis at Computex 2023 in a few weeks, and as the TweakTown crew will be on the ground reporting from the event, we'll be there to see it in person.
A Pc that doubles as a heater lol
This case would be good for people who want to save electricity on PC cooling because the fan does not need to run fans which use electricity to run.
Seems like a potential issue for people who put the tower in spaces that is crowded with other stuff. But I agree, it does sound like a nice item to have built in such a way to require less effort to keep the equipment inside the tower cool.