A Software Fix Might Eventually Stop Bad USB-C Cables From Destroying Devices


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USB-C is a fantastic new standard for almost everything, unless you have a crappy cable, in which case you might accidentally fry your laptop. The people behind USB-C understandably see this as a problem, so a fix is in the works.

The solution is reasonably simple: when you plug in a USB-C cable that’s been verified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), it will talk to your device over an encrypted connection to confirm that it’s legit, and what sort of charging or data transfer it’s capable of.

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It's good that there are now ways to a cable with software to check if it is a good legit cable.

I feel less trustworthy cable makers will just copy the good cables' software, and you still risk getting a bad cable if you don't read reviews to see if other people got a bad cable which destroyed their devices with a USB-C port.

I rather just continue using devices with a Micro-USB port to charge with a Micro-USB cable since it is easier to find quality Micro-USB cables for my devices by just reading the thousands of Amazon, and Newegg reviews online for Micro-USB cables. I also never had problems with Micro-USB cables which I use on my tablets, Raspberry Pi PCs, and other devices which uses Micro-USB.
I don't see how that could be possible as bad static will fry everything.
I had a USb stick that got fried. But not any PCs, just a burnt explosive power supply, :'(