Acer Graphics Dock. GTX 960M over USB-C , Thunderbolt


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With the 300-Euro Acer Graphics Dock you can add a GTX 960 M to any USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt. There's also USB PD (power) pass-through.
(Updated to replace GTX 940M error.)

Note there are two DisplayPorts, an HDMI and Gigabit ethernet on the rear of this unit. Apologies for the incorrect and incomplete information.

The Acer Graphics dock is actively cooled (fan.)
The Acer Graphics Dock will be available at the end of April (Germany) and will cost 300 Euro inclusive local taxes (Germany.)

This does look like a good graphics dock for making playing games faster, and more enjoyable on slower Windows tablets, and laptops which usually use slower onboard Intel graphics chips.

I like that the dock is easy to connect to a Windows laptop, or tablet with a USB-C or Thunderbolt cable.
Seems like anyone should do this just to ensure quality gameplay?
Seems like anyone should do this just to ensure quality gameplay?

Yes, a lot of laptop gamers would have better gameplay from having an external graphics dock. But, this graphics docks cost 300 euros which is about 338 US dollars which can be expensive.
HD graphics was never meant to be cheap.

I agree, HD graphics, are never cheap on laptops. 4K graphics are very expensive on laptops with 4K screens.

I think playing newer games in 4K on laptops with a 4K screen, or a new laptop connected to a 4K monitor with a HDMI cable would require one of these graphics docks. Gamers may even need to connect 2 or more of these docks graphics docks to their laptop with a 4K screen, so they can play games in 4K resolution with less slowdown problems.