Amazing things YOU can do with AI these days


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Artificial Intelligence has been with us for quite a long time already and it’s amazing how we can do a lot with it these days. Here are three amazing things you can do with AI right now.


Whether you are feeling lonely or just wanted someone to talk to at the moment, there are AI buddies that are ready to make you feel less lonely. You can try Cleverbot and SimSimi to kill your boredom and have a fun chat. If you are feeling stressed or having anxiety and depression, you can try Wysa to help yourself feel better.

Make a story

Some AI programs can actually write their own stories after learning how to write. Some literary AI programs require you to “feed” them with sample texts to get them started while some can make up a story of their own. A few notable examples are Botnik, Liteari, and Talk to Transformer.

Form an AI sports team

Sometimes, you just want to be sporty and form a sports team that could play a certain sport. You could train your AI sports team using deep learning or rule-based algorithm. The 2019 World Cyber Games recently conducted an AI football tournament called “AI Masters” where programmers come up with their own football team and attempt to defeat the enemy AI team.

What do you think? What else could you do with AI? What more could you do with it in the future?
I feel AI will be able to solve mysteries like a cure for illnesses in the future.
To be honest, AI makes me uncomfortable.
All the major companies give away our data from time to time. So.......