Android's popularity over takes Windows among internet users


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The stat trackers at StatCounter have come out with their internet usage numbers for the month of March, and they have, for the first time, reported Android as the world's most popular operating system. Nudging ahead of the once-untouchable Windows by a tiny fraction, Android is now the world's most-used platform for getting online according to these latest figures. This represents a natural progression from the difference in devices shipped every year — more than a billion for Android versus 200-something million PCs per year for Windows — but StatCounter is among the first to claim that Android is now in the lead in usage numbers as well.

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I think this is not surprising because there are a lot of people who use Android phones, tablets, settop TV boxes like Android TV, game consoles like Ouya, and mini-PCs which use Android as its operating system.

Many Android devices are also very cheap like Android tablets which cost $40 or more, and Android smartphones which can be bought for $20 or more, so more people can afford them.
Android for life bro. :p

I can see Android being the most used operating system for most people who are alive today.

There are now Android-based operating systems like Remix OS which can be used as desktop operating systems on a PC because Android-based desktop operating system like Remix OS has movable, and resizeble windows like Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux, so users can use many apps at once on a bigger 1080P and 4K monitor.

Android is currently a very popular Smartwatch, Settop box, alternative game consoles, and Smart TV operating system. I think Android is probably used more for Virtual Reality than Windows because there are a lot of phones and tablets which work with mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard, and Samsung VR.

Future Nintendo consoles maybe powered by Android if Nintendo publishes a lot of mobile games to iOS and Android where they can port it to a Nintendo-based console. There may also be a chance that Sony PS5 switches from FreeBSD/UNIX to Android since there is a chance that FreeBSD/UNIX will mostly be a server based operating system where supporting screens/video is not necessary since servers are mainly used to host files, and folders for people to access with a web browser or command line.

There is a chance that FreeBSD/UNIX and other similar free operating systems will not be as active or discontinued like Firefox OS, and Symbian because most of the people who maintain/update FreeBSD are retired, or choose to work on other more popular free opensource operating systems like Android, and Ubuntu Linux.

Sony could also release an Android gaming tablet or smartphone which can play Vita games with a controller since Sony stills makes Android tablets, and smartphones.

Microsoft is also now selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 with pre-installed Microsoft apps like Office, One Drive, and Outlook to get more people to use MS apps on the S8, so MS may release an Android based console or handheld, and pre-install MS games, and Apps like Skype on it if there is enough people who want an Xbox with Android as its OS, so they can also play Android games like Pokemon Go, Super Mario Runner, Temple Run, and Asphalt 8 on a bigger screen instead of only playing Microsoft Xbox and Windows Store games on Xbox.
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