Anyone still watches movies on DVD player?


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With a lot of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showmax and so many money that makes it easy to watch movies online, the number of people who still go old school with movies watching on DVD player on disc is very few now.

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Which DVD brand did you have back in the days?
I get a few classic animes on DVD, otherwise its blu-rays these days.
I don't have a DVD player anymore at home. I now watch most movies on my laptop and the ones shown on TV.
Watch most on a UK based service called Now TV which has a cinema channel subscription bundle which has some good stuff on.
Never heard of it anyways but that sounds interesting. I hope their subscription fees isn't high?
Your chances of that are obnoxiously low. You have a significantly chance of getting a virus just for connecting on the internet, so your priorities are in the wrong places.
He doesn't know that the internet is a direct clean path for virus attack as long as you're not using good anti virus software.