Apple iPhone beats out Android for majority of the U.S. smartphone market


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More poorer cell phone buyers who may of plan on getting an Android phone in 2022 may now be picking flip phones, dumbphones, feature phones, and candybar style cell phones to save money because they are earning not enough money to afford a decent Android phone, or they have other expenses like electricity bills which make it harder for them to afford a smartphone instead of a cheaper non-smartphone cell phone.

Apple iPhone has more users in the US smartphone market in 2022 because fewer poor people can afford to buy a good Android phones in 2022, so more people maybe buying regular cell phones to save money which may mean the marketshare for Android smartphones is declining because more poor people are choosing to buy cheaper non-smartphone cell phones like flip phones, dumbphones, feature phones, and candybar style cell phones which can cost as little as $30 or less.

More cheap non-smartphone cell phones like KaiOS cell phones now has Apps like YouTube, UC Web browser, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, games, Google Maps, etc, so many people maybe less likely to buy a more expensive smartphone if a cheaper KaiOS or other OS cell phone already has the apps they want to use.
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The thing is, cell phones may be cheaper, and as well as the plans, but those who can spend a little more on a smartphone, might rather look into that option more so they can stay in touch with more people as well as have more access to the internet. I think the branding of Apple and the duration of its products do work for that market however, for those who are into a quality product or its assumed quality based on its pricing point.
Cell carriers also have payment plans for phones. I also think the Android fragmentation can also be a blessing and a curse for non-tech savvy people. Apple’s simplified line of phones makes it easier for non-tech savvy people to decide on a phone with little to no research.

People care about apps for games/social media, and if the phone can take pictures/video. iPhones basically just come in 3 sizes and have 2 or 3 cameras on the back, with the selfie cam on the front.

With all of the Android phone models with the manufacturers, there’s too many things for people, and the average person doesn’t really care about most of the features that the tech savvy people poor over, so it gets overwhelming for them.
I think monthly payments to buy an iPhone and Apple deals could be one reason for people buying more iPhones. A lot of less tech savvy maybe picking an Apple iPhone to replace their old 3G cell phone which no longer works because of the recent 3G network shutdown in the US.