Are mini desktop computers good for using the internet?


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Example of Mini Computer: Intel Compute Stick with Core M

Yes, I think some mini computers like the Intel Compute Stick, Intel NUC, etc w are good for basic web browsing on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, and some light online gaming with older games like Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1, Doom, Quake 3,

Some mini computers with Intel Atom and Celeron CPU and graphics may slowdown if you use them to play 4K video on YouTube, more intensive flash, Java, and HTML5 games with 3D graphics, or a large world like Runescape which sometimes make older desktop computers slowdown when playing Runescape.

But, in my experience, mobile chip Mini computers like the Raspberry Pi 1-2 Model B with mobile chips found mostly in Smartphones and tablets are not as good for browsing the web because of their slower speeds, and lack of support for more powerful operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu Linux for Desktop, and Linux Mint which are compatible with Firefox, Chrome, other web browsers, and web programs like Steam which is used to buy and install games from Valve's Steam store.
Can't see why not, better than just buying a large desktop for the purpose.
Can't see why not, better than just buying a large desktop for the purpose.

I think those PC with built-in monitors can also be good for using the internet. I notice more places like stores, banks, and other places are using PCs with a built-in monitor instead of tower desktops with a separate monitor.
Well, to be honest, personally I don't prefer using them.
They are way too slow and I prefer good enough processing power and less response time.
There are some smaller cube size mini computers which has a faster CPU and more RAM which are fast enough to browse most types of websites, and play some PC games at a fast speed.