Are Online Giveaways Making New Stuff like Fidget Spinners more popular?


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It is possible that online giveaways are used to keep new stuff like Fidget Spinners popular for a longer amount of time. A lot of websites, YouTube channels, and companies are giving away Fidget Spinners because they are cheap prices to giveaway. People can buy a fidget spinner for $2 or less on eBay, so you can give away 50 Fidget Spinners while spending under $200 on them.

A lot of websites, YouTube Channels, and companies seem to be giving away Fidget Spinners as cheap prizes in contests to promote their company, YouTube Channel or website.

I bet, the companies which make Fidget Spinners maybe asking websites, and YouTube channels to continue giving away Fidget Spinners in contest to keep the spinner fad going by making more people win fidget spinners, so there would be many new users which may convince other people to buy a Fidget Spinner, or try to win one for free in an online contest.
No wonder we can't sell them at my store, they are going for 6-15 dollars.
No wonder we can't sell them at my store, they are going for 6-15 dollars.

I think most small things are hard to sell at offline stores these days because offline stores can't compete with the low prices on Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress where online stores make very little money on each sale, or no money. I bet, the Amazon Kindle Fire $50 tablet makes almost no money for Amazon, and maybe sold at a loss like some game consoles like the PS3 when it was first released. Amazon makes most of its money selling apps, games, eBooks, music, and movies to Kindle Fire users.

Not many young people and tech savvy adults buy products like HDMI cables, USB chargers, and Fidget Spinners for $15-30 and more at a retail store like BestBuy or Target. Most of these things can be bought for $1 to $10 online on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Buyers can buy stuff for very cheap prices if they trust buying Chinese products from Chinese websites like AliExpress which sell stuff for cheaper prices because the fees are lower than eBay and Amazon for 3rd party Chinese sellers.

There are also a lot of online guides on finding and buying cheap stuff like hdmi cables, and Fidget Spinners online from websites like eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress where you can buy them for $1 or less if you use a promotional code, or sign-up for the Amazon Credit Card which gives you some Amazon Gift card credit to spend.
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