Are online language Translator websites reliable at giving you a good language translation?


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In my experience, the language translators on websites like Google Translate, Babylon, Bing Translate, etc are not very good because the translated sentences from one language like Japanese to English seems to not make sense.
I think the better question is, are there any good ones out there?
I think the better question is, are there any good ones out there?

I have not came across any online language translators which are as good as a person who can fluently read and write two languages like Japanese and English or Korean and English. A lot of the times I end up with a lot of random translated words to English which don't form a readable sentences which makes sense.

I usually just get frustrated at the translation, and stop using the language translator sites.
You're kidding, right?

I've used Google Translate a ton of times, and it's pretty much always left me with... at best, something that sounds like a SEO spamming robot. It's okay if you're willing to do a hell of a lot of interpretation, or are translating maybe one or two words, but useless beyond that.
They are a joke to be honest.
If you are a native speaker of some language other than English...then you would know just how unreliable it is....but it's still better than nothing I suppose.
I just hope the quality would improve soon.