Are there any good alternative to WordPress blog for creating a blog?


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I feel WordPress is probably the best popular blog website software because of the large number of themes, and Plug-ins for WordPress. There are also a lot of web hosts which work well with WordPress. I haven't seen a lot of blog posts which recommend Joomla, Drupal, and other non-WordPress blog/website software.

Tumblr is now owned by Verizon, so it may become a paid service, or censor or delete content which is not family friendly, or advertisers like toy companies don't like. I feel eventually Blogspot/ will not let users posts blog posts which are not advertising friendly, or family friendly because it is owned by Google which sell a lot of ads on its websites like YouTube, Google Play, and Blogger. Google may also someday shutdown like how they shutdown Google Plus because of Security problems according to Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers following security lapse .
wordpress is still rather easy to use.
wordpress is still rather easy to use.

I agree WordPress is still easy to use, and install on free and paid shared web hosting. which is the free web host version of WordPress hosted on is also simple to use in my experience .

I find easier and nicer to use than Blogger, Tumblr, and most free blog sites I tried.
To be honest, many people believe that wordpress is the best.
So, it's better to use that, otherwise, you could have blogger and some other blogging software as well.
I feel WordPress can be good for users who plan to hire a web developer to maintain their blog since there maybe more local and online workers who know how to make WordPress plug-ins and themes, upgrade WordPress, and fix problems with WordPress than other website software.
Dreamwidth Studios is the only thing I've tried using other than Wordpress. I find it just as easy to use as Wordpress. They also have a free option and a paid option like Wordpress does.