Are you more likely to buy a computer if the Case is mainly designed for Gaming PCs>


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Yes, I would like to buy a computer which has a Gaming PC case instead of a regular looking PC case from companies like Dell, HP, and Acer.

I generally like computer cases which are designed for gaming computers because they look nicer, and usually have better cooling fan systems.

Gaming PC cases also has more hard drive and Disc drive holders, so I can easily add more hard drives to a PC.

Users can also fit larger video cards, and video graphics cards with a full size tower Gaming PC case if your motherboard has more than one PCI-Express card slot.

One of the problems with some computers made by Dell, HP, and other companies is that they use weird size power supply which don't use the ATX form factor, so you can't easily replace or upgrade your power supply.
Not really, only thing I want from my case is a jet black color to it.
Not really, only thing I want from my case is a jet black color to it.

There are some pretty nice Jet Black cases designed mainly for Gaming PC builders, and PC enthusiasts.

If you plan on building your own PC, modding, and upgrading your PC's internal parts like your video card and hard drive, buying a computer with a better case like a Gaming PC case would be a good idea since some regular and cheap cases are badly designed where you need to unscrew a lot of screws and take off the front face plate just to upgrade the hard drive, and other parts.