Are you more likely to donate money online?


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Yes, I am more likely to donate money online to trustworthy websites like the website for free Linux operating system makers like Linux Mint, and free software makers like LibreOffice. I find using Paypal and other payment services easier, and more convenient than writing a check, and sending it by mail, or going out of the house to donate some money.

I rarely carry extra money when I am out of the house, so I am less likely to lose a lot of money if my wallet got lost or stolen. If a charity ask me to donate money, I probably only have a few cents, or dollars to donate to them because I don't carry any money, or any extra money because my money is either at home, and the bank.
I also rarely donate offline. I sometimes feel peer-pressured by the charity workers, other people, and society into donating over $10 when I donate in person.

But, I sometimes give some of my coins in my pocket to a charity when there is a charity donation box or jar for a good cause like feeding the homeless.
depends on the situation and people, I am very careful about donating due to large amount of scammers out there.