Are you more likely to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray disc on your computer than watch a movie from Netflix, YouTube, and other video sites?


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There are a lot of DVD and Blu-Ray movie disc which I can borrow for free from the library, friends, and family, so I am less likely to use the internet to watch a movie on Netflix, YouTube, etc on my computer if I can borrow the movie disc for free from someone or the library.

Netflix, YouTube, and other video sites may not have the movie I want to watch, so I will need to buy or rent the DVD to watch on my PC.

Sometimes my internet is slow or unreliable, so streaming movies is not possible when my internet is not working well, so DVD movies are my only option for watching a movie which is not stored on my hard drive.
To be honest, I am not all that interested in Netflix, I use YouTube for watching music videos and other things that you won't find on DVD etc.

Also quite often there are extras that you can get on DVD/BluRay that you won't get if you use Netflix.

Also, there is the Apple iTunes as well where you can buy and download movies, but sometimes it costs more than getting it on Disc.
Also, there is the Apple iTunes as well where you can buy and download movies, but sometimes it costs more than getting it on Disc.

That always irks me when I see that, the digital version of most entertainment is a lot more convenient, but the physical version usually drops in price long before the digital does.

Though yeah, I like buying physical copies of my favorite shows/movies. I like actually owning stuff I like, and also I don’t have to deal with streaming services “retiring” shows, or pulling a show from one service and moving it to another.

I do like watching YouTube, but I also have a Plex server, where it acts as my personal curated Netflix.
No, that's why I have a PS4/blu-ray player, but sometimes I will throw one in for screen shot reasons.
I do.

It takes too much time to stream and not to mention that forwarding the videos can be quite hard and all....
Normally, I just use Youtube for watching trailers of movies that are coming out. I don't actually watch movies or tv shows on Youtube. I'll get the dvd or blu-ray when it comes out and watch those movies/tv shows on that. And I normally don't watch them on my computer either, I'll watch them on my tv where the screen is much bigger.
I have a 20 inch monitor, so watching DVDs on my monitor is similar to TV. I have loud 5.1 surround speakers on my PC, so watching DVDs are more realistic.