Assassin Creed Identity: What does everyone think?


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So recently AC Identity came out on the Android platform (it was on the iOS for a longer time) and I got a chance to purchase and play the game for a few days now. I honestly think it's a good game for being mobile. It gives me that AC console feeling with obvious limitations (such as not being opened world and time-limited actions). The bad reviews I've read so far complain about the purchase of DLC content on top of already purchasing the game, but honestly I'm such a big fan of the series that I can overlook that. What does everyone else think?
It's not a bad game, but it felt really laggy, and there were a lot of glitches. Controls were clunky and confusing and boy did my battery drain. I'd wake up with a hundred percent, play for an hour and have 40%. Then again, I had the first version of the game on ios.
Since I mostly use my Kindle Fire for gaming, I haven't had a chance to be able to play it yet but hopefully it becomes available for that soon. I don't really see an issue with paying for a game and DLC though, as long as it's all worth what you're paying for it and reasonably priced. If it becomes available for Kindle, I'll have no problem paying for both.