Automated Grocery Store Replaces Store Clerk with a Phone App


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Naraffar is the shop that never closes and has no staff.

People living in this town in eastern Sweden can now shop any time of day at the country's first unmanned grocery store. From getting in to scanning their items, it's all done with an iPhone app. The app links to a user's bank account, so at the end of the month customers receive an invoice for the goods they bought.

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This app sounds like kind of a hassle to use because I need to take out my phone to scan items, and pay for stuff. I also don't trust connecting my bank account to an app.

I think using an app to scan and pay for items in a store without clerks or staff won't work in North American countries like America, Canada, and Mexico because of criminals who will steal stuff if there is no clerk in the store which watches over the items in a store. A lot of the time, the clerk at a store is also responsible for calling the police, or acting as a security guard to capture and arrest people who steal from their store.
The future is tech and apparently jobless....
The future is tech and apparently jobless....

Hopefully, the government makes it easier for unemployed people to apply for a student loan and financial aid for college, so unemployed people can learn a skill like nursing, teaching, construction, truck mechanic, plumber, and other jobs where companies are still hiring workers who are well educated, and are willing to keep learning new skills while they work.