Babies can be noisy

If it's a store and the parents are doing nothing to calm the baby/child down, I might just yell "someone shut that baby up please". But if it's a baby at home, there's nothing you can do lol.
It kills me, kind of glad I never had kids (or will have kids?)
It's normal for babies to cry but there's a time & place. The parent needs to be respectful of others around & remove themselves & the baby (or the kid who has temper tantrums as well).
I worry the baby is in physical and emotional pain if the baby is crying loudly, and don't stop crying for very long.
They most likely feel embarrassed.. they shouldn't be, as babies will cry, but its likely the judgmental looks they get from others during that time that makes them feel this way..

Sometimes it can't be helped though, but other people should be more kind to others anyway..

As for me, I can only listen to a baby cry for so long before I start to cry myself.. no idea what that is about, but I've been this way since I was a kid with my own younger siblings..

But I have been in situations where a parent was overwhelmed with their kid like on a check out line and I've offered to hold the child while the mom got her stuff together..

I mean that's all that really should be done.. just show kindness.. it doesn't make sense to not to as we were all babies once..

I've read that with toddlers throwing tantrums, that staring at them or acting the same way they are will cause them to stop and behave.

I am not sure if it is because of embarrassment or shock.. but I personally don't think it would be worth going viral over.. lol
I kind of move to the other end of the store of something that I'll need. Or just press the 'fast forward button' and get what I need in the store, pay for the stuff, and get out of there fast. there's a certain trauma I had as a kid when it comes to crying babies.
They are babies, they are supposed to cry lol. I wouldn't me comfortable if a bady doesn't cry. It's only through crying they express themselves as they can't talk.