Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


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A hot rush mess?
Physical is selling 25% less, read from metro:

Physical sales were down 25% compared to last year’s Modern Warfare 2, which is a major decline in just 12 months – even though most sequels see a drop nowadays, as more and more sales are attributed to digital downloads.

It’s not such a drop, though, that Activision will necessarily see it as a complete failure, and may still consider the decision to push the game out as it is to be the right one.

That will depend on the exact sales figures though, which are unlikely to be ever made public, although we should get some indication of digital sales in the weeks to come.
It is a shame that Activision decided to rush out Call of Duty MW3 instead of improving the game more to avoid getting so many bad users reviews from fans.
The game's come out every October/November. How exactly was it rushed?
Playing the campaign at the moment and not enjoying it. Multiplayer feels just like MW2 which isn’t bad but the remade maps on their own make it feel boring quickly and the whole thing feels rushed/overpriced.
They need to fix 2 things to get me playing COD:

1. Make Bullet Physics correct like in DCS. Bullets don't travel in a straight line, you'll miss your target if you shoot in a "straight Line" at a target.

Example in DCS on proper Bullet Physics, a video I recorded, one of my Guns only dogfight in my F/A - 18c Hornet, combat starts at 7:31:

2. Small Infantry Squad Combat Tactics and Squad Commands must be good/realistic like in the classic SWAT 4, ARMA , and classic Rainbow Six Games, and the recently "Ready or Not".
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They took what should have been DLC/expansion, and tried to make it a full-blown game in half the time. If I understand things right.
Yes that's what happened I believe.