Call of Duty publisher Activision snaps up maker of Candy Crush for $5.9 billion


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Activision has announced that its deal to acquire Candy Crush developer King Digital for $5.9 billion is now complete. The deal, which was originally announced in November of 2015, will see the mobile juggernaut that is Candy Crush join an already impressive lineup of blockbuster franchises from Activision. Says Activision's Bobby Kotick:

"We now reach over 500 million users across almost every country, making us the largest game network in the world. We see great opportunities to create new ways for audiences to experience their favorite franchises, from Candy Crush to World of Warcraft to Call of Duty and more, across mobile devices, consoles and personal computers. On behalf of Activision Blizzard, we are delighted to welcome Riccardo, Sebastian, Stephane and all of King's talented employees to our family."

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Wow, $5.9 billion dollars is a lot of money for a mobile game.
Well, you have to remember that it is a mobile game developer, not just one mobile game. While King's most well known game is Candy Crush, they have dozens of other (albeit similar) mobile games. This gives Activision a major market share in the mobile market, which is a major component of publisher's and developer's sales.

The 2015 report of digital games sales puts two of King's games in the top 10, with $1.2 billion coming in sales just from those two games, meaning Activision will see its investment paid off pretty quickly.
Damn, to think they even spend that much for a purchase.