Camping - Sleeping in a Tent, or Under the Stars

Joshua Farrell

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I have enjoyed camping, but haven't done any lengths over a day in awhile, and thought, what was my preference on how I slept?

So, what is your preference? Would you rather sleep inside a tent, where you can control what comes and goes, or would you not mind sleeping under the stars, in a hammock or something similar, that allows you to better enjoy the outside?

While I don't mind sleeping outside of a tent, I still prefer to be in one when I sleep, as I don't want to potentially end up rolling all over the ground, or potentially getting some critter crawling all over me.
Not at all, not a camper.
I would prefer sleeping in a tent because I prefer more privacy from other campers in the same campground. I also don't want animals, and bugs touching me while I sleep.
We've tented it but honestly, I would prefer a camper. I like my privacy & tents don't provide that. Even the bigger ones. While I love the stars, I'm not interested in sleeping out without protection from bugs.
I've never camped. I'm not sure if I would either. I get sensitive whenever anything bites me and this can't be avoided while in the bush or wherever the camping is taking place. I will stay at home and enjoy myself.