Multi Destiny's Valentine's Update


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Love is usually in the air but for Destiny its murder in the air with lots and lots of explosions and gunfire all around with its new update.

The Valentines update went live today bringing some updates to the Destiny game.
No more starting special ammo in 3v3 and the Crimson Days event. Unlike previous events, this one doesn’t have much to offer PVE players other than a few new emotes.

From now until next Tuesday, February 16th 2016, there’s a new 2v2 playlist called Crimson Doubles that will let you and a friend team up against other fireteams of two which there is no matchmaking. When your teammate dies in this mode, you’ll get a buff called Heartbroken that boosts your stats and makes you reload more quickly.

Shaxx, will give you a quest and a bunch of new bounties for this new Crimson Doubles mode.