Did you wish there were more regular motherboards which don't come built-in with Ethernet and Wi-Fi?


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Yes, I would like if there were more motherboards which don't come with Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi built-in because I sometimes prefer buying and installing my own Wired Ethernet Card or Wi-Fi wireless card.

Sometimes the type of Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet becomes outdated, so I would need to upgrade to a faster wireless, or Ethernet network card.

I also ran into problems where certain onboard network ports on motherboards don't work on newer versions of Linux operating systems, so I need to upgrade to a PCI network card.

I think certain types of computers like a computer for only recording home security videos, or storing sensitive secretive data would not need any Internet or Network connections because the files on the computers are very secretive, so the owner does not want to risk their files being leaked onto the internet by having Ethernet or Wi-Fi which a hacker can use to hack into a computer.
Pends on the user, I rather have all that stuff put in.
Pends on the user, I rather have all that stuff put in.

I think it also depends on the operating system since Linux is not compatible with some Ethernet and Wi-Fi cards, so some of the times Linux users would need to buy a standalone PCI Network card, or Wi-Fi card if they want to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi.