Do you care if a very cheap computer can smoothly play an online HD video on YouTube with a web browser?


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I dont care as much about how smoothly a very cheap computer like the Raspberry Pi which cost $35 or less can play an online HD video on YouTube with a modern web browser like Chrome.

I usually don't use very cheap computers like the $35 Raspberry Pi to play YouTube videos on a web browser. I think the Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 performance is not fast enough to run any popular modern web browser at a useable speed. I think most similar price $35 to $40 may not be fast enough to run a modern web browser to play a HD online video on YouTube and other site, and some non-video visit a sites like blogs with a few big pictures, text articles, java and javascript scripts.
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Well, it does matter too a certain extent.
I would want a computer to be able to play a decent video after all
I’ve never experienced problems on the computer side, but I had a cheap tablet once, and it couldn’t handle YouTube videos. The videos had choppy audio, and was running at like 2 fps. It was like watching a view master.