Do you feel a Gaming PC is better than buying the Xbox One without a disc drive?


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I read on Microsoft Is Working On An Xbox One Without A Disc Drive: Report that Microsoft is working on a disc-less Xbox One. I feel a Gaming PC can be a better choice than an Xbox One without a disc drive because a Gaming PC would always have a lot of games for it. There are gaming consoles like the PSP Go, Sony Xperia Play smartphone, Steam machine, etc which does not support physical games. These discless consoles eventually got discontinued, or non-active.

I feel Xbox One without a disc drive may not be a good choice because users won't be able to buy and play used disc games on it. There maybe some games which are not available for purchase on Xbox Live, and you can only buy it on a physical disc. Digital games may not be on the Xbox Live servers after many months to years, so you won't be able to buy the games in the future.
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yep, more hardware for Microsoft and yet little software. Idiot move.
yep, more hardware for Microsoft and yet little software. Idiot move.

I agree, it is a bad move for Microsoft for releasing so much hardware, and not releasing more software like games.

I think releasing a cheaper $125 Xbox One with a disc drive, and less storage like 128GB of space maybe more popular with many gamers since Xbox One supports installing games to a USB hard drive which is plugged into a USB port on a Xbox One.

Many gamers who buy cheaper consoles choose to rent games from redbox, buy used games on eBay and Craigslist, and cheaper $20 and cheaper disc games at the discount video section of video game stores. A game console without a disc drive is not a good choice for gamers who mostly buy cheap games.