Do you have a MicroSD installed on your mobile devices with a MicroSD Memory Card slots?


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No, I do not have a MicroSD or SD Memory card on any of my tablets, laptops, and phones with either a MicroSD Card, or SD Card slot.

I mostly use my Desktop computer for doing most tasks like photo editing, listening to music, watching video, and gaming. It is unlikely that I will quickly fill up the internal storage because I store most of my files, and games on my Desktop computer, and don't really like using a mobile device to access my files.

MicroSD cards are still somewhat expensive compared to hard drives where you can buy a 1TB internal 3.5" inch desktop hard drive for $45 or more. But, a 128GB MicroSD card cost $40 or more.
I have a 128 GB micro SD card in my phone and a 64 GB micro SD in my N3DS. I have a bunch of other SDs laying around as back ups for various files with a 128 GB in my drawer as a back up. I got them all on sale and didn't spend more than 40 dollars on them.
To be honest, I have two phones and in one of them, I did install a microsd card of 128 gb.
It isn't supposed to be ideal as that phone doesn't support....but I needed it for my anime collection.